The Sisters 8 Book Review

11 Jul

This is my first book review! (So I apologize for any confusingness!)

In the books of The Sisters 8 there are eight sisters (Duh.) The sisters were born one minute apart and they are all one inch smaller than the other. These are their names in order of birth, Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca, and Zinnia. I’ll tell you a bit about them. Annie loves to be the leader. Durinda is the most loving. Georgia is known to get in lots of trouble. Jackie is the peace make. Marcia is the least crazy  (most of the time). Petal is a worrier and will say something like ” It’s raining so hard! What if it rains for forty days and forty nights,the house will be under water and we’ll all die!!!!!!” and then she’ll faint. Rebecca is the mean and scariest in a sister kind of way. If Petal said the raining thing Rebecca would say something like this. ” Petal, it won’t rain for forty days and forty nights. It will rain for thirty-nine days and thirty-nine nights.But we’ll still die.” Then Petal would faint…again and would wake up and run under the bed, and Zinnia….just give her a present and she’ll be happy, Zinnia hopes everything is a present.

The Eights are in their drawing-room (more like a sitting room) on New Year’s Eve where they’re celebrating Christmas since on actual Christmas the eights and their mom and dad were stuck in Utah because of a snow storm. So the sisters’ mom goes to the kitchen to get them something to drink and their dad goes to get some more fire wood from the shed. But then the girls parents disappeared! (Or died, as Rebecca would say)  The girls find out they need to find their own powers and gifts to find their parents.

My Thoughts: This is a great series! The whole concept is really interesting and suspenseful. They are chock full of fun, and quirky adventures! I also like how just by hearing what they were saying you could tell which Eight it was because of their unique personalities:) I also really like the covers! (It’s really helpful that there are pictures of all the sisters on the back!) The one flaw in the series though is that there is a lot of filler in the early books, but the series gets better and better as it goes on!  They’re quick fast reads that are perfect on a weekend if you’re looking for something to do:) I give this series five out of five stars! Enjoy! (I’ll update you once I read the last books.)

(Here are the names of the books in order of their releases so far)

Annie’s Adventures

Durinda’s Dangers

Georgia’s Greatness

Jackie’s Jokes

Marcia’s Madness

Petal’s Problems

4 Responses to “The Sisters 8 Book Review”

  1. Mom July 30, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    the bok sounds so good

  2. sophie4503 October 1, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    i cant wait to read them

  3. sophie4503 October 1, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    i really cant


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