Book Review-Trial By Journal

26 Jul

In this story Trial By Journal, you read only letters, newspapers,  and journals. In the book there’s a little girl named Lily Watson, and because of new laws in her town that say a child must be on the jury in a trial if a child was involved in the case. The trial that Lily serves on involves one of her classmates, Perry Keet who was murdered at local zoo (or was he?) Because of missing school so much, and might have to go to summer school. To get out of it Lily starts writing a journal about the courtroom. But at the same zoo where poor Perry was killed, something happy happend. Priscilla the gorilla started painting pictures on the walls of her cage, then she started to write words when her ‘nephew’ Larry came and shared the same talents. But Lily felt that the zoo owner’s story was not true, Larry was moved to their zoo and ended up being Priscilla’s nephew. Lily started thinking that when Larry started to paint her name on his paintings. And it ended up that Larry was really Perry who was forced by the zoo owner to pretend to be a gorilla along with someone along with Lily on the jury named Anna Conda. Yeah, I know if you say it really fast it comes out as a name of a snake.

I like the book a lot. And I LOVE all the letters and newspapers. I think I like that style of writing better. I would give it four out of five stars.

Trial by Journal By Kate Klise

Illustrated By Sarah Klise


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    Dear lulu i like what you wrote and my blog is called sophie4503

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