What Dog Are You?

21 Sep

1. One word to describe you would be…

A) Funny

B) Enthusiastic

C) Loyal

2.  Something fun to do on a boring day would be…

A) Go to an amusement park

B) Go to a sporting event

C) Go to a fashion show or art gallery

3. Your favorite things to do at recess are…

A) Tag and hide and go seek

B)  Kick ball and hopscotch

C) Talk with friends and play on the swings

Mostly As                               Mostly Bs                         Mostly Cs

You are a Yellow lab            You are a dalmatian      You are a poodle


One Response to “What Dog Are You?”

  1. sophie4503 September 22, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    im a poodle my letters are

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