Marie-Grace Makes A Difference and Cecile’s Gift-A Book Review

30 Oct

Marie-Grace Makes A Difference: When a dangerous disease called Yellow Fever hits New Orleans Marie-Grace’s soon to be aunt gets it, Marie-Grace is very worried, especially when the wedding is very soon. So Marie-Grace decides to help. Marie-Grace and her new friend Cecile volunteer at an orphanage for kids who have lost their parents to the fever.When Marie-Grace’s Uncle Luc, has to find a doctor for Marie-Grace’s new aunt, Marie-Grace is the one watch over her. Soon Marie-Graces soon to be aunt is better and the wedding happens.

My thoughts: I think Meet Marie-Grace was better than Marie-Grace Makes A Difference. (I haven’t read the other Marie-Grace one yet) I give it three and a half stars out of five because it was still good, but I prefer the first one. Click here to read my other Marie-Grace and Cecile book review.

Cecile’s Gift: Cecile and Marie-Grace like to volunteer at an orphanage, and one day the girls were playing with some of the kids when a wagon suddenly stopped moving and the person pulling it fell to the ground. Inside the wagon the girls found a child named Perrine, and brought her to the orphanage. Perrine would not talk to anyone but Cecile. So when Cecile hears about a benefit to help children in orphanages she decides to help, Cecile would read a poem! Cecile thinks she found the perfect poem, but when she reads it tp Perrine and Perrine does not understand it Cecile decides to write her own.

My thoughts: I really did enjoy this Cecile story, but I can’t decide between the first one or this one of which I like best. I give Cecile’s Gift four and a half stars out of five.


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  1. sophie4503 October 30, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    you kind of ruined it for me
    i got my own room!!!!!!!!

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