The Sisters Club-A Book Review

17 Nov

The Sisters Club

Alex, Stevie, and Joey (and no, they are not boys) have a club called the sisters club, which they hold in Alex’s room. The girls used to do every week (unless there was an emergency sisters club meeting) but when Alex decides to audition for the school play she doesn’t pay attention to Stevie and Joey. You see, at Alex’s school they are doing Beauty and The Beast, Alex wants the part of Beauty more than anything, so at home all she does is practice lines.

Things get even worse when the sister’s mom gets her own cooking show, (by the way, she is a terrible cook.) The girls try to tell her that, but their mom insists that she does the show. With Alex practicing her lines so much, and Dad working on props for Beauty and The Beast, and Mom at her show, the only ones at the dinner table are Joey and Stevie. Stevie tries to do something to bring the family together. (Hint: Disaster) Stevie decides to make mac and cheese, simple enough right? Wrong! When everyone eats the food, they do the napkin trick.

When everything seems wrong something good happens! Alex gets the part of Beauty! But then, of course something goes wrong… Alex’s co-star (a.k.a The Beast) comes to dinner. And what are parents and Stevie and Joey for? Embarrassing you! After that Alex is no longer on speaking terms with Stevie and Joey. Until…..The night of the show! Everything was going perfectly, but then Alex hurt her leg! And who happened to know all her lines? Stevie!  And after that everything was great!

My Thoughts: I love this book so much!!!!!!!!! Which I say about all books, but this was a great read! I can not wait to read the second and third book! I give The Sisters Club five out of five stars.

2 Responses to “The Sisters Club-A Book Review”

  1. sophie4503 November 17, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    i didn’t finish the book because i didn’t like the beggining
    but i will give it another try


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