Dragon Slippers-A Book Review

23 Feb

Dragon Slippers

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Creel was just a poor farmers daughter, until her parents died. Then she and her brother Hagen were the children of their Uncle and Aunt also very poor people. Creel’s Aunt (who reads tons of romance novels) thinks that if they give Creel to a dragon, that a young prince will save her, fall in love with her, and carry her off along with her Uncle, Aunt, cousins, and brother to his castle.

Duh this did not happen, instead Creel is dropped off at the cave of some dragons who have no interest whatsoever in eating her. Luckily for Creel, they just want her to leave. They make a trade so Creel is able to find work as a dressmaker in a faraway village. Creel thought that dragons collected gold, but one of the dragons, who she was trading with collected shoes. Well, it was better than nothing. Creel found boots, dancing shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, but what interest her is a pair of blue fancy slippers.

Creel leaves and walks on a path to the village, but she is attacked by bandits. Creel cries for help and suddenly a wonderful dragon named Shardas comes to her rescue. She stays at his cave which the dragon shares with another dragon. Creel stays with them for awhile. Once Creel gets a job in the town as a worker in a dress shop, she meets three other employees of Derda (The Person in which Creel works for.) Their names are Marta, Alle, and Larkin. Marta and Alle seem super nice and for some weird reason Creel becomes friends with one of the princes, but something seems off about Larkin and Amaila (the bride off the crown prince, but not by choice.) When a war breaks out involving dragons, Creel finds out there is more then just fashion to her slippers.

My Thoughts:  I love all books by Jessica Day George,like Tuesdays at The Castle (My third favorite book:) so…I love this story, maybe because it reminds me of my favorite series the Frog Princess! But, I like the second book in the series slightly better than this one. It was a shocker to find out that Shardas and Velika were the queen and king of all dragons (Spoiler!) But not for me since I read the third book first, but…I give this book four out of five stars for great read, but not as outstanding as the third and second:)

Sorry if this is super confusing, It rocked my socks off. (My sister dared me to write that, plus I do not wear socks:)

2 Responses to “Dragon Slippers-A Book Review”

  1. Bella February 24, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    You are following in my footsteps. Reading series out of order ;] Hehe!
    Bella :]


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    […] Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George, now this was hard to decide on…because I LOVE all of Jessica Day George’s amazing books! (She’s such a great author!) I decided to show this story because it was part of the first series by her that I had read:) This story is really fun, and full of adventure: A perfect read for a rainy afternoon! […]

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