Princess Academy-A Book Review

24 Feb

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Miri lived on a mountain called Mount Eskel, she is named after the mountain flower, and she lives with her sister Marda and Pa. Everything is the same as always. Marda and Pa get to work in quarry and trade linder with the traders for food and cloth and other things. While Miri is at home tending the goats.

But everything changes when the king thinks that his son, the prince will find his bride in the village of Mount Eskel. (Mount Eskel was not a very popular place at all, so this is very odd.) Every girl below seventeen has to go to an academy to learn how to be “proper.” Miri being fourteen had to go even thought it was for a year and she would barely see her family since her sister would be eighteen in 3 months and would not be attending.

At the academy, the teacher Olana punishes the girls terribly and for some reason the other girls (besides Britta, a lonely Lowlander, who moved to the mountain) hate Miri, (so she thinks.) Things get better though. Miri finds a friend in Britta, is at the top of her class, and has her eyes set on being academy princess. When Britta gets sick on the day of the ball and bandits come to the academy, Miri thinks she can help, but can she?

My Thoughts: Despite this book’s 314 pages I read this book in two days, most likely because of my love of fantasy:) The book felt slow at some parts, like when Miri is at the academy and nothing happens except Olana’s cruel punishments. Overall it was an outstanding read and I wold enjoy a second book. I give it 4 out of 5 stars:)


5 Responses to “Princess Academy-A Book Review”

  1. Bella February 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    I loved this book, but I do agree that it was slow at parts. Good review :]
    Bella :]


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