Main Street, The Secret Book Club-A Book Review

27 Feb

The Secret Book Club by Ann M. Martin

Very sorry for mistakenly publishing this, if you get two e-mails:)

Ruby Jane Northdrop thought that Summer was going to be soooo…boring. But one morning when she and her sister Flora and their Grandmother Min, were going to Needle and Thread, Min’s sewing shop. There was a wonderful surprise left for them and their two best friends Nicki and Olivia. Inside were two Books, the Saturdays and Mrs. Frisbey and The Rats of NIMTH. The girls start a secret book club. But meanwhile Olivia struggles with high school and popularity issues, and Ruby finds a new friend in Hilary, Nicki’s Mom gets a wonderful new job, and Flora and Ruby start to spend more time with their aunt Allie. The girls also read Roll of thunder, hear my cry and another book that I can not remember:)

My Thoughts: I do enjoy this series but this was not one of the better books. Slow at parts, but I still enjoyed the book very much, I would change a few things but a wonderful read still. I give this book three and a half stars.

Sorry for not posting very much before this week, but I have been trying:)

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