The Wide Awake Princess-A Book Review

29 Mar

The Wide-Awake Princess

Meet Annie, the sister of Sleeping Beauty also known as Gwenie:) When Gwen was first born she was cursed by an evil fairy and if she touched a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday she would die. A nice fairy changed the curse so she and the whole kingdom would fall asleep instead… but for hundred years and the only cure is for Gwen to be kissed by her true love and he has to be a prince. When Annie was born another nice Fairy gave her the gift that no magic good or bad could touch her and if someone had magic hey would loose it around her, which is a problem because everyone she knew used magic to make themselves pretty or graceful, (which explains why Gwen is the most beautiful princess in all the kingdoms.) Well, everyone except for Liam one of her father’s guards, who was away when Gwen pricked her finger on a spinning wheel, so he was not asleep. Together, Annie and Liam go off to find a prince who might be Gwenie’s true love. Is it annoying Digby, the-oh-so-happy Andreas, the evil intentioned Clarence, or the enchanted prince Beldegard.  Maybe after Annie finds Gwenie’s true love her parents will feel fine being around her or talking to her, or sitting next to her, or maybe even hug her, which only happened once when Annie was first born. And maybe Annie will find her own true love too.

My thoughts: Written by my favorite author (E.D. Baker) The Wide Awake Princess was almost as good as The Frog Princess series! I loved the adventure and then Annie and Liam, (so sweet:)) I think it would be fun to have a sequel and right now I’m awaiting the arrival of two other of E.D. Baker’s books. I give this book five out of five stars.

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