Fairy Wings-A Book Review

7 Apr

 Fairy Wings: A Fairy Tale

 (This is the newer cover and the title changed:))

Tamisin Warner has always knew something was weird about her. When she was little she got in trouble for having spreckles, (sparkly freckles) and she had ears like an elf’s, and every full moon she is compelled to dance outside with little sparks of light, and when she got angry there always was a sudden storm. Four years ago on Halloween she saw people, except they were not people, they were creatures, animals and humans combined, she could see them and she tried telling her best friend Heather, but only Tamisin could see them. But now, this is weird, she has wings, like ,they just suddenly sprouted from her back! At school there is a new kid named Jak, who seems pretty normal but Tamisin knows is hiding something. On top of that… she finds out she was adopted! At Jak’s Halloween party Tamisin finds out he is from the land of Fey, home to all mystical creatures, including the creatures she saw four years ago and had not seen since. For some reason those creatures want her, dead or alive! Together, Tamisin and Jak go into Fey and discover very dark secrets, and Tamisin finds her true love:)

My Thoughts: Based on Shakespeare’s story a Midsummer’s Night Dream, Fairy Wings is an awesomely amazing contemporary version. Wrote by one of my favorite authors,  I thought the plot was well carried out and the characters were well developed. I like that Tamisin is be a brave and confident character and I like that they talked about Jak’s life in Fey, (I hate Nihlo so much!) I absolutely love Lamiua Lou! Overall a great story and I give it four and a half stars out of five:)

2 Responses to “Fairy Wings-A Book Review”

  1. Bella April 7, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Speckles!!! :] Hehe!
    Your Older Sis


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