Fairy Lies-A Book Review

9 Apr

Fairy Lies

Everything is good in Tamsin Warner’s life, once Jak and her got back from Fey and were in the human world, they became boyfriend and girlfriend:) But she feels the urge to go back to Fey and the gate to the mystical world is always closed, but the urge to go back is getting so strong it is hurting Tamsin and she starts to lash out and get in arguments with Heather and Jak. On one night when it is a full moon and Tamsin has the urge to dance, she slips outside and is captured by Mountain Ash, a warrior in her fairy step dad Oberon’s army, (she was the daughter of the fairy queen and was adopted and then the fairy queen got remarried.) Everything went black from there… when she awoke she was in the fairy king’s court in Fey with thousands of eyes staring right at her. Oberon is obsessed with thinking that he is Tamsin’s birth father but he is not, Titaina (her birth mother and the fairy queen) hid her existence from him because she was worried he would hurt Tamsin or use her against herself. At his court Tamsin meets Dasras, an orphan advisor to Oberon, Dasras seems to like Tamsin but Tamsin loves Jak. That night Oberon uses special nectar to make Tamsin believe any thing he says, shortly after Dasras does the same thing and makes Tamsin think that Dasras is her true love and she forgets Jak altogether. When Jak finds out about the capturing he is furious and goes on an epic quest to save her, but will he get there before there is war between Oberon and Titaina? (Titaina and Oberon should really just get divorced, don’t ya think?)

My Thoughts: I loved this book just as much as the first book. (I got it for Easter!) Although I know Tamsin was under a spell…but she just seemed different. I loved how E.D Baker included old and new characters but I wished she focused more on Jak and Tamsin’s life in the human world, overall I loved this book and give it five out of five stars.

Since both Fairy Wings and Fairy Lies are based after A Midsummer Night Dream are thought this dress was appropriate, and in my mind and in the book’s description the fairies wore outfits like this.


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    […] Fairy Lies by E.D. Baker! This is actually the sequel to another book, (Fairy Wings,) but I chose to show this story because it has a more springy setting. It is based after A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and takes place in the mystical fairy kingdom. It also has outstanding characters! I love all of E.D. Baker’s books, (she’s one of my favorite authors!) and they’re perfect for anyone who loves fantasy stories as much as me:) […]

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