Lulu’s Awesomely Amazing Love List

21 Apr

I love Professor Layton games and so does my sister, I am currently obsessed with The Unwound Future and The Last Spector, although I just quit most of the puzzles or look them up online.

Purple Flowery Flip Flops:) I got these flip flops yesterday on a trip to the Gap in Bellingham, because unfortunately the one in providence was closed.

The Phantom of the Post Office (43 Old Cemetery Road)

The Phantom of the Post Office, I love Kate Klise’s Regarding The…. series, I also read the two other books in the Old Cemetery Road and am going to read the first one soon, (I’m reading the series backwards:)

I also got these adorable yellow flip flops on the same trip to Gap, (I was in desperate need of new flip flops:) But aren’t they adorable?

My new stuffed animal I got after getting my nails down with my sister and aunt. The original name is Corky, but I renamed it Emma, and guess what? The tag said her birthday is today:)


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