Dying to Meet You-A Book Review

28 Apr

Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road)

In the town of Ghastly there is a mansion that is so broken down it might be torn to pieces if no one buys it. It was purchased by Les and Diane and Hope along with their son Seymour. Les and Diane wanted to find Olive C. Spence’s ghost. Olive had built the house for writing her books, she threw parties when she finished a manuscript, but was not ever published, she had vowed to haunt the house after she died until one of her books was published. Les and Diane left after having no luck finding Olive’s ghost. They went on a tour in Europe to promote their book “Only Fools and Children Believe in ghosts” leaving their son Seymour behind.

Now famous writer Ignatius Grumply is moving in for the summer so he can finish his book. He has an annoying editor on his hands and a real estate agent who is confusing him and now he has a boy, (Seymour), to take care of! And by the way….he hates children, and hates the boy’s cat Shadow. Seymour keeps talking about a ghost and is driving Ignatius crazy. Until he meets Olive’s ghost….

My Thoughts: I love Kate Klise’s books and M. Sarah Klise’s illustrations. I love how the story is written in letters and how the names make a sentence, I can not wait for the fourth book in the series which is coming out in May. This story is short but makes you want to read more. I give it five out of five stars:)

Some Awesome Names From Story:

Les Hope- Less Hope

Diane Hope- Dying Hope

Seymour Hope- See More Hope

Anita Sale- I Need A Sale

Paige Turner- Page Turner

Barry A Lyve- Buried alive

Shirley U. Jest- Surely you jest


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