Scones and Sensibility-A Book Review

30 Apr

Scones and Sensibility

Polly was born for the wrong time period, she loves Pride and Prejudice, and Anne of Green Gables, she wishes everything is romance, she only wears lace and ruffles, her parents in fact call her a nineteenth century girl trapped in a twenty-first century world. (she even talks like Jane Austin.) But unfortunately she lives in New Jersey above her parents’ bakery. But this summer not only is she the bakery’s delivery girl she is playing matchmaker, just like Jane Austin’s Emma. She is determined to find a mother for her best friend Fran Fisk and a wife for Mr. Fisk, a match for Ms. Wikerson, Mr. Nightquist, and her own sister Clementine, (for her boyfriend Clint is awful.) But of course what wonderful tale does not have it’s problems? Mr. Fisk’s new love he found through the internet, (which Polly thinks is a terrible way to meet a person,) making Clint and Clementine break up, driving Clementine farther away after their sisterly bond was already broken, making life threatening problems, finding her own true love, and still make some people fall in love. Polly feels that love is the greatest gift and she feels wonderful to help, but is she treating real life just like characters in her dear books?

My Thoughts: I loved Polly’s story and how she talked in a different way with a few slip ups, but she drives me crazy sometimes and I felt like screaming in her face, “Don’t you see that to some people your opinion doesn’t matter!”:) But that is what made me love her:) I feel that a few of the characters were well developed, but others were not. I give this book four out of five star:)


Only 5 days (not including today) till my and my BFFLs (Best, Friends, For, Life) Lindsay, Megan, and Sophie’s production of Aladdin junior!


(Isn’t that such a cute picture!)


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