The Extra Ordinary Princess-A Book Review

6 May

Amelia is the fourth princess of Grossling and is ordinary compared to her “perfect” sisters Merril, Lily, and Rose. Amelia does not care though, she likes her life. She and her best friend Henry do everything together, and she gets to play with all the other children, who she likes, except for, Meg, who thinks that she is more important than everyone else. But when a terrible sickness spreads across Grossling, everyone leaves to the winter palace, a palace in the mountains. But the Queen and King refuse to leave and after a few weeks die. Everyone thinks the throne will go to Merill, but there are eight weeks before her eighteenth birthday. So the girls find out they have an uncle, Count Raven. Lily, Rose, and Merill go down to meet him, but Amelia is stuck in the mountains, along with Meg and Henry, with chickenpox. Count Raven was meant to rule for a few weeks before Merill’s birthday. But Count Raven turns out to be an evil sorcerer and turns Merill into a tree, and Lily and Rose into swans, then he goes off looking for Amelia. Amelia goes off on a journey along with Henry and Meg hoping to defeat Count Raven in order to save her sisters, but with Count Raven’s army of ravens coming after her, will she ever be able to prove she’s more than ordinary?

My Thoughts: I loved this book so much and read it in one day! I thought Amelia was well developed but other characters were not, other than that it had no flaws, I think it would be very awesome if there was a sequel:) I give this book four and a half stars:)


So yesterday Lindsay, Megan, Sophie, and I had our opening night of Aladdin!!!
(There’s a lot of different Jasmines:)

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