Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies-A Book Review

23 May

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne.

Celeste’s life is okay, she has a best friend, Sandra, a cousin who is getting married, and chocolate cookies. But, Celeste is kind of overweight, or as in her Aunt’s mind fat. Everything starts getting worst when her Aunt secretly enters her in a beauty pageant. But this is a different kind of beauty pageant, this is one to become a model for a plus-sized clothing business called HuskeyPeach. And worst, Lively Carson, one of the most popular girls in school is attempting to steal her best friend, and it looks like she succeeded. Sandra never talks to her and insists on being “Best-Friends-Outside-Of-School.” So Celeste makes a plan to become skinny and get out of the competition, even if she has to give up chocolate cookies. Along with friends Millie and Kate to help her. But, still, Celeste has made a deal with her mother to try the first part of the competition.  Having fun, meeting friends, and being embarrassed, are apparently part of the pageant, at least in Celeste’s case. When she discovers a secret about Lively Carson, and Celeste doesn’t know what to do, but at least no one knows about the pageant…..

My Thoughts: I liked this book but it felt slow and a lot of the characters were not well-developed, I did think this story was very funny but the things that happened to Celeste were so embarrassing! I feel like the book could have been better sequenced. Overall it was okay and I give it 3 and a half stars.


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