Anne Of Green Gables-A Book Review

21 Jul

Anne of Green Gables (Book 1)

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert were expecting a boy to come from the orphan asylum to help with work on their farm, Green Gables, on Prince Edward Island, (Canada.) Instead they got Anne Shirley, (Anne, with an E.) Anne had been an orphan since birth and was now eleven, she had to work for a lady she did not like, and practically raised three sets of twins. She was taken to the orphan asylum after the death of the lady’s husband. Not knowing she was not the boy they sent for, Anne fell in love with Avonlea (the town) and Green Gables. Matthew and Marilla soon learned to love Anne and decided to keep her. With Anne’s big imagination, her “dreaded” red hair, and quick temper she was sure to get into some trouble, right, like…. Breaking a slate over Gilbert Blythe’s head for calling her carrots, dying her red hair green, and walking the ridge pole of a classmate’s roof even after her bosom (best) friend, Diana said not too, I mean what could go wrong?:)

My Thoughts: I LOVED this book, (I got the movies from the library and watched them over and over again.) I love all of Anne’s funny mistakes and I’m currently on book seven of this series. I give this book five out five stars!


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