Princess For Hire-A Book Review

29 Jul

Princess for Hire - US Cover

Desi had the worst job, (dressing up as a groundhog at a pet shop,) her ex-best friend made fun of her whenever she got the chance, and her crush didn’t even know her name. Then one day, a beautiful woman with green hair named Meredith walked out of a bubble and asked her if she wanted to work for a magical organization. Desi apparently had magic in her which allowed her to see an ad to be a substitute for Princesses that wanted a quick vacation. There was special makeup, “Royal Rouge”, that allowed her to look just like the princess that she was subbing for, and her family wouldn’t even know that she was gone, and it paid great. Obviously, Desi took the job. First, she had to take a test, she would sub for an actress. Then she subbed for an African Princess named Simmy, a tribal princess who has to perform a dance in front of the whole village, and ex-princess Elsa. And, after she got involved in Elsa’s love life and had to face the organization’s council, she doesn’t know if she should keep the job or not, or if she will even have it.

My Thoughts: I love a good fantasy story, and I was glad I decided to read this one! I thought Desi was very developed as a character, but I thought the others weren’t, although they were still likable. I still thought it was a good read. The whole concept of the book though is fun and quirky, (plus it has a really awesome cover!) It had silly events through out the story, but was filled with great description, and I felt like I was right there with Desi! It has lots of good detail and suspense, mixed with some whimsical fantasy elements. I can’t wait to read the other book in the series, and I give this book four out of five stars:)

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    […] Princess For Hire by Lindsey Leavitt, this is an amazing book! It’s about a girl named Desi, who randomly answers a magical advertisement. The next thing she knows, Desi is substituting for princesses all over the world who need a quick break! She can’t believe this is happening to her, there’s all sorts of mystical elements, like the magical disguise make-up “Royal Rouge” that allows you to look just like a princess! But Desi isn’t sure if the job is actually perfect…anyways, this is such a good book! It’s full of suspense, good detail, and some fantasy! It’s a perfect read for a long weekend:) […]

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