The Wedding Planner’s Daughter, Books 1-3-A Book Review

23 Aug

Book 1-The Wedding Planner’s Daughter

Willa Havishham is a classic reader, a classic romantic, and the daughter of Stella Havishham, a widowed wedding planner with a steel wall around her heart. Together they moved to Bramble, Cape Cod, where Willa made her first best friend, Tina, got closer with her candy making Grandmother, made friends with the bookstore owner Mr. Tweed, met “Mum”, and got to meet JFK (joey), Willa’s crush. But, most importantly, Stella and Willa moved in next to Sam, the poet, who might be the one to melt Stella’s wall of steel.

Book 2-The Cupid Chronicles

Willa, Stella, and Sam are finally one happy family, and they have opened up the Bramblebriar Inn, and have already got a lot of customers, like the Blazers: a wealthy happy family:) She’s helping “Mum” (The BUC minster) and her old beau Riley get back together,  And her birthday’s soon! But there’s even bigger news, the Bramble library is closing! The only way to save it is to raise 50,000 dollars. Willa and some of her friends want to save it by having dances and parties, Willa’s best friend Tina thinks that they should have a match making questionnaire for the Valentine’s dance, but Willa believes in cupid, mostly for her and JFK, (Joey)

Book 3-Willa by Heart

Willa has three great new surprises: she and JFK are finally a couple:), she’s going to audition for the play Our Town, and she’s going to have a little sister or brother! She also has a bad surprise, a new girl named Mariel, who might be in love with her boyfriend! But there’s still more good news, her friend, the beautiful Susanna Jubilee Blazer is getting married and she’s the maid of honor, and her mother Stella is planning it and Willa gets to help her. There’s another wedding too! “Mum” and Riley are getting married the day after Susanna, and she’s their Maid of Honor also! Now if she can just find out Mariel’s story and how JFK knows her…

My Thoughts: I read all these books in one week, because they were that good:) I’ve put the rest on hold at the library. I look forward to the “Willa’s Pix” list of books, most of which are really good classics, like Anne of Green Gables or Little Women:) Ruby   and Tina are always funny. I think Stella, Sam, and Willa’s characters were more developed than other’s. I give this book four out of five stars:)

On Tuesday my Dad, my sister, and I went to Canobie Lake Park, I really liked the rides “Over the Rainbow”, Log Flume, the antique cars, and The Wave Blaster. The ice cream there was good too:)


2 Responses to “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter, Books 1-3-A Book Review”

  1. sophie August 23, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Did you go on the corkscrew

  2. Lulu August 23, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    No, The line was too long:(

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