The Wedding Planner’s Daughter,Forget Me Not-From the life of Willa Havishham-A Book Review

24 Aug

Only Child Willa has exciting news! Her dad, Sam’s, sister: super eco-friendly Ruthie is getting married and Willa is planning her wedding by herself because her inn keeper/wedding planner mother is busy planning a wedding the day before Aunt Ruthie’s! But, one day Willa went to the beach and suddenly a dog came swimming out of the ocean and ran up to her as if she was his owner, her friend Mariel says that he was a gift from the ocean, but Willa has her doubts. Still, the dog, “Salty”, as Willa calls him, is really cute:) There’s some bad news though, her best friend Tina is being drawn away from her because of Ruby, her slightly annoying friend. And her boyfriend JFK is going to be in Florida for a whole month. And a visit from her brother? Brother!?

My Thoughts: I really like the Wedding Planner’s Daughter series and read this book in one night, I always like reading the “Willa’s pix” list of books at the end. And the end with her brother leaves you in suspense and makes you want to read the next book, (which I put on hold at the library.) I give this book four out of five stars.

(via Melody Valerie Couture)

Aren’t these cute back to school outfits for American Girl Dolls:)


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