The Wedding Planner’s Daughter, Wish I Might, From The Life Of Willa Havisham-A Book Review

25 Aug

Willa Havisham is a fourteen year old girl, who lives in Bramble, Cape Cod with her, used to be famous wedding planner mother, Mother: Stella, and stepfather, Sam, and lives in The Bramblebriar inn, her family run business. But her perfect family might get two sizes bigger though… Because on the beach, a boy who looks almost the same as her, named Will (like her diseased father William “Billy” Havisham!) is claiming he’s her brother! (Oh yeah he’s british too) Apparently Willa’s father, Billy Havisham, was in love with a wealthy british lady, but the lady’s family wanted her to marry someone else and forced her to break it off with Billy. And a few weeks later the lady found out she was pregnant with Will. Then Billy Havishham went back to Washington and fell in love with Willa’s Mother and then they got married, but the next day Billy died. And Stella found out she was going to have Willa. So that made Willa and Will half brother and sister. And the Salty, the dog who Willa found the month before swimming in the ocean is really Will’s dog, who hopped off Will’s boat and swam to the beach where Willa was. And even bigger news Will thinks their birthfather might still be alive! Willa’s not sure if she should tell her Mother or Father, but there’s no one else she trusts enough to talk to about it because her best friend Mariel’s family was evicted from their cottage and was in New York visiting her mother who made it big, getting into a Broadway Show, and her boyfriend JFK (Joey) is gone for the summer at baseball camp in Florida. Even her used to be best friend Tina is too busy making a book with annoying Ruby Sliver. But Willa still has her beloved books:)

My Thoughts: I love the Wedding Planner’s Daughter series and I read a book a day because they’re just that good:) Each book gets better than the last! Tina and Ruby are always funny, and Rob was really nice, Will was nice but he wasn’t that memorable as a character, (but the british accent is a nice touch), I always like to see what books Willa reads. I give this book five out of five stars:)

(Via American Girl)

How cute is AG’s monster cake! It will be perfect for my birthday this October!


2 Responses to “The Wedding Planner’s Daughter, Wish I Might, From The Life Of Willa Havisham-A Book Review”

  1. Bella August 28, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    The monster cake is very cute! :] I am going to make it.

  2. meganlikespie September 3, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Hi Lulu!
    Can you please add calebthepuppy to your blog roll?

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