Little Men-A Book Review

13 Sep

The sequel to little women starts a few years after Jo and Mr. Bhaer founded Plumfield, a school for orphan boys and Jo has two children of her own, Rob and Teddy. Jo already gives a home to a lot of boys, Tommy, Ned, Jack, Dick, Dolly, Demi, Stuffy,(Some others too, that I can’t remember) and one girl, Daisy, sometimes Bess, Amy and Teddy’s daughter comes though. The book starts off with the arrival of Nat Blake, an orphan boy who Teddy Laurence found on the street, and has a small habit of telling lies. Nat quickly learns to love Plumfield, and Mr and Mrs Bhaer. He becomes quite close with twins Demi and Daisy Brooke, (Meg’s kids), and Tommy. After Jo cures his wounds, he has fun with the other boys, which hasn’t happened for him on a long, long time, Soon arrives Dan, Nat’s friend from when he was on the street who takes a special liking to baby Teddy and causes even more mischief than there was before, like letting a cow out of its field, wrestling with the other boys, swearing, playing poker, and he even lights the house on fire! The Bhaers soon send him off to a farm run by Mr.Paige, a hard working farmer, and then Dan runs away! But then comes Naughty Nan as they call her, who is Jo’s new project, she causes just as much mischief as Dan did but soon learns to be as gentle as Daisy. Through pranks, mischief, false accusations, and sorrow, Little Men is one of the best books ever:)

My Thoughts: This book is just as awesome as Little Women and I still love all the pranks of Jo’s Boy’s. My favorite character is Daisy and (Spoiler*) when her and Demi’s dad died it made me so sad!:(!!!!! I love to read about Jo’s flashbacks. I have no faults with this book accept that some chapters were slow. I give this book five out of five stars!

Today my class watched a live video of Peter Reynolds reading the dot, and I wanted to write about Dot Day this Saturday:)


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