Lulu’s Cool Love List:)

20 Sep

Anne of Green Gables: Green Gables / Avonlea / Island / Windy Poplars / House of Dreams / Ingleside / Rainbow Valley / Rilla of Ingleside (8 Volume Set)

The Anne of Green Gables Box Set:) I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlocking the Spell: A Tale of the Wide-Awake Princess

Unlocking The Spell, the sequel to the wide awake princess and it’s by my favorite author! What could be better?

Ty Beanie Boos Pugsly - Pug

The Beanie Boo Pug, IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If I get it I’m going to name it Sir-Pugs-A-lot)


The new Taylor Swift C.D., I don’t really know why I want it, but I do!

Doll Star, Singing, Acting, Dancing! It’s perfect:)

The Spooky Fun Outfit, It’s like an adorable giant candy corn!!!!!!!


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