Love Aubrey-A Book Review

26 Sep

Aubrey lives in Virgina with her Mom, Dad, and little sister Savannah…until the car crash that killed her sister and father and gave her mother depression. After her mother left her Aubrey did not know what to do, so she decided to live alone, with her brand new pet fish Sammy. Then her Gram came from Vermont and made her pack her bags and took Aubrey and Sammy back with her. First Aubrey was stubborn and sad but then she met her future best friend Bridget and her little sister Mable, who reminds Aubrey of her Savannah. She also meets Marcus and Amy the school guidance counselor who she is forced into sessions with. But Aubrey soon learns to love her new home, then her Mom comes back.

My Thoughts: I really liked this book. The writing was superb! All the characters were really well developed and I loved Mable she is such a cutie, and I was so worried when she got sick! I did not really like Aubrey’s Mom, but I understand that she had depression and was sad and did not have control over that. I give this book four out of five stars.

Oh yeah, so my sister and I have decided to make the Doll Mag every two months because of school, so the next issue will be the September/October issue

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