Princess Academy, Palace of Stone-A Book Review

1 Oct

This review might make more sense if you read my review of the other book…

Miri and her friends from the princess academy (along with her crush Peder) have been invited to visit their friend the future princess: Britta…in Asland, away from their home on Mount Eskel, and it’s for a year. When Miri arrives, she starts classes at Queen’s Castle, and learns about an uprising against royalty, also she witnesses an attempt at murder! Miri makes friends with Lady Sisela and Timon, people helping plan an attack at royalty. She doesn’t want to worry Britta, but what if this risks her life?! Miri finds out that there isn’t even a history of mount Eskel!

That is only one of the worries Miri experienced while in Asland, it seems like she may be able to fix it along with the help of Timon and Peder until she sees what a jerk Timon really is and Peder gets shot…

My Thoughts: I LOVED Shannon Hale’s first Princess Academy Book and I was so excited when I heard she wrote a second one! I love all the characters, and Miri and Peder… it’s about time they admitted they were in love:) All the princess academy girls were awesome except for Liana, (she’s so mean!) Britta was so sweet and I hate that the people tried to kill her! I liked Timon at first but then I saw that he really was awful. I hope there is a third book because they always end making you want more! I give this book five out of five stars!

Ghost Cake Pops

Only seven days till my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not including today)

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