7 Days of Halloween Posts! (Gilda Joyce, The Ghost Sonata-A Book Review)

21 Oct

So every day this week I will be writing a post that has something to do with Halloween:) Today’s a book review-Gilda Joyce The Ghost Sonata.

When Gilda Joyce,(psychic investigator’s) best friend Wendy Choy is chosen to compete in an international piano competition in England, of course Gilda finds a way to go too! For Gilda England is full of cute boys, scones, adventure, and a mystery: Whenever Wendy tries to practice for the competition a mysterious melody keeps popping into her head. Gilda and Wendy keep thinking they see a ghost, scary tarot cards are suddenly appearing in the performers’ rooms, and  Wendy has a strange connection to the number nine. And why do the Oxford professors who are judging the competition keep acting suspicious? Could there be a real ghost haunting Wendy? Luckily Gilda’s there to solve the mystery!

My Thoughts: This has to be my favorite Gilda Joyce book yet! I love that it takes place in England and the cover is amazing! Each chapter ends in suspense making you want to read more! I love Gilda’s quirky outfits:) Jenny’s mom was annoying but Jenny was really sweet. Julian was my least favorite character. The professor was mean but by the end of the book he softened:) I give this book five out of five stars:)


4 Responses to “7 Days of Halloween Posts! (Gilda Joyce, The Ghost Sonata-A Book Review)”

  1. meganlikespie October 24, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    That book is awesome so far!


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