7 Days of Halloween Posts, (Return To Halloween Town-A Movie Review)

24 Oct

Halloween post #4:) Return to Halloween Town-A Movie Review.

Marnie Piper is a witch, who loves using her powers. So when she gets accepted into Witch University in Halloween town it’s no surprise much to the annoyance of her mother. When Marnie arrives she finds out two annoying things: she can only stay at the college if her brother stays too, and there’s NO magic allowed! But there is also some weird things going on, and Marnie’s sure the three mean girls, The Sinister Sisters, have something to do with it. Her brother’s acting weird and there’s a mysterious box that just landed in Marnie’s hands during class. Can Marnie figure out what’s happening along with the help of her friends Ethan and Aneesa?

My Thoughts: I watch this movie every Halloween, (I haven’t seen the other ones in like five years:)) It’s not my favorite disney movie but… it’s still okay. The other Halloween town movies are actually kind of scary the first time you see them, but this one is more comical. I give this movie three out of five stars.


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