7 Days of Halloween-(How to Make Mimi’s Halloween Costumes-A Craft)

28 Oct

Halloween Post #7

Supplies: White Fabric, Construction Paper, paper, scissors, string, tape.

Ghost Costume: Cut a square out of the white fabric, big enough to cover your stuffed animals body. Cut out two circles from colorful construction paper to be the eyes. Cut out two smaller squares from black construction paper and tape them onto your other circles. Tape your eyes to the middle of the fabric and you have a ghost!

Dog Costume: Cut a bone like shape out of construction paper and tape it to your animal’s mouth. Now cut a half moon shape out of paper, (I found index cards work better) and cut out a smaller half moon shape out of your original one. Color it brown, (or any color you want.) Cut out two ovals and color them the color of you headband shape. Tape them to the headband and put it on your stuffed animal!

Pumpkin Costume: First cut out two orange circles, one big, and one small. On one of them draw a jack-o-lantern face. Measure the width of your stuffed animal’s neck and cut a string with a little extra than the width. Tape the string to the larger circle and slip it over your stuffed animal’s head. Cut out a small green rectangle and tape it to the top of your stuffed animal’s hat, (a.k.a. the smaller circle) tape it to your stuffed animal’s head and you have an adorable pumpkin outfit.

Crown: Cut out a yellow rectangle from construction paper big enough to fit around you stuffed animal’s head. Cut out triangles at the top so it has sharp edges. DECORATE IT!!! Now tape the ends together so it fits your stuffed animal’s head. Enjoy:)

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