The Land Of Stories, The Wishing Spell-A Book Review

1 Nov

Meet the Bailey twins, Alex and Conner. Alex is the smart, ambitious, and doesn’t have that many friends. Conner has friends but has trouble staying awake in class. On their twelfth birthday the twins receive a present from their grandmother, The Land of Stories, a book the twins read with their grandmother and father, before he passed away. One day the twins fall into the book and find themselves in the book that they loved so much as children. But the fairy tales aren’t the ones you read…Little Red Riding Hood has her own kingdom, Cinderella is about to have a baby, Sleeping Beauty is awake but half her kingdom isn’t, Rapunzel escaped her tower and is queen, Goldilocks is on the run from the law, The Evil Queen has escaped from Snow White’s dungeon, and so much more! The only way for the twins to get home is the wishing spell, a spell in which they have to collect famous fairy tale items. That isn’t as easy as it sounds though, especially with The Evil Queen trying to find the same items too, and trying to KILL them. But they’ll find a way home with the help of their friend Froggy…hopefully.

My Thoughts: I loved this story, it being by Chris Colfer, (Who’s on Glee) makes it even better. I read it during the hurricane on Monday to make me less bored:) He did a wonderful job of making the reader feel like they were in the actual fairy tale world. Little Red Riding Hood was so funny, she was my favorite character:) Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Froggy were so nice to the kids. I felt bad for Little Red Riding Hood but Goldilocks and Jack were meant to be together:) The Evil Queen’s story was so sad, so I felt for Snow White when she helped her. (Spoiler…) I knew the journal was their fathers! It all came together in the end of the book. This is a really great book, but it gets complicated at some points. I give it five out of five stars.

Oh yeah, so me and my sister will be skipping to the November/December issue of doll mag:) (We’re combining months to make it easier:)

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