Twice Upon A Time, Beauty and the Beast-A Book Review

4 Nov

When you would rather run around and read then care about what you’re wearing it’s kind of hard having a name like Beauty. Especially when your older sister is beautiful, graceful, and has a sense of style , except there is one thing your sister is not good at: tending a fire, a fire that burns your house down, a fire that causes you to lie to your sister on how it happened to make her feel better, a fire that causes you to move into a cottage that is more like a shack. All these things happened to Beauty and she’s pretty sure life will never be the same again, and it won’t because Beauty is summoned on a quest to help a little girl along with the help of her friend Handsome, (I know what is with the names) who happens to not be that handsome and is taken to the home of a beast, and Beauty is one of the few people who isn’t scared of him…

Now let’s hear more a bout the beast shall we…Prince Riley liked science and experiments and the stars and he’s not the handsome, his brother Prince Alexander is the more kingly and perfect one, and his mother is over protective and his father likes to play practical jokes on him! So on the way to the Harvest ball his family encounters a witch, and why oh why does his family have to joke about him being beastly because what does that witch do? Turns him into a BEAST!!!! And what does she do to his family? Turns them INVISIBLE!!! The only way to break the curses is to get a girl to fall in love with him, which is very hard being a beast, one was a thief, another just wanted to get out, and one tried to STAB him!! But when Beauty comes everything could change…maybe.

My Thoughts: I just started the Twice Upon A Time series last week and I love them! (Mostly because I love fairy tales:) And then apparently Wendy Mass came out with a new one! So naturally I started reading it the moment I got it. Clarissa was my favorite character, even if she did accidentally burn their house down:) Beauty was a very strong, well-developed character. She was different from most of the leading fairy tale characters you think of but I think that made her memorable. Handsome was really sweet and Veronica was so nice to give the stone to Beauty. Now let’s talk about Riley/The Beasts part of the story… Okay, the witch was so mean, and Riley really didn’t deserve to be a beast. Alexander was annoying at points but he always had his brother’s best interests at heart. The King and Queen were really funny:) I give this book four out of five stars, for an outstanding read, but it was a little confusing.

I’m going to see my sister’s production of Bye Bye Birdie today!!

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