A Year Without Autumn-A Book Review

17 Nov

Meet Jenni and Autumn. Jenni likes order and would never do any of the crazy adventures that she does if it wasn’t for her best friend Autumn. Autumn’s family is always full of surprises, new people knocking at their door each day wanting to talk to her parents, (her dad’s a painter and her mom works at a gallery.) They are an unlikely pair especially since they don’t go to school together, but they always find a way to see each other each day. Every summer the two girls’ families stay at rented condos. One day Jenni went to visit Autumn but the elevator did not work so she took the freight elevator. When she steps out everything has changed. Everyone is a YEAR older!!!! Autumn’s little brother is in a coma, Autumn’s mother is depressed and their family is losing their money, and Jenni’s mother had her baby! What is going on? Does the mysterious Mrs. Smith know what happened to her? And what would happen if she lost another year or two?! Can she ever get back? Can she fix the future before it even happens?

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this book very much. I attempted reading it the year before but I was confused at first so I took a break from reading it. I am very glad I decided to try to read it again. I read Liz Kessler’s Emily Windsnap and Phillipa Fisher books. I really liked Autumn but it made me so sad to see her future. The plot was really interesting and did not have a dull moment. I thought that Jenni really grew throughout the book and I’m glad she kept trying and trying to fix the future, (even though I would never do it.) It was so sad about Mikey!!! It was a very good read and I give it four out of five stars for being interesting but slightly confusing.

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