I So Don’t Do Famous-A Book Review

26 Nov

I so Don’t do Famous by Barrie Summy

Sherry (Sherlock) Baldwin’s life is about to get a little crazy…she won an essay contest about true love and gets to go to Hollywood to get her award, but her boyfriend Josh breaks up with her right before the trip, talk about true love. But Sherry can still enjoy her trip with her Dad and best friend Junie, right? She’s even staying in one of the fanciest hotels in Hollywood and her ghost mother is coming to watch! (And yes, her mother is a ghost.) And even better: she has a mystery to solve!…along with the help of a teenage actress ghost, who happens to be slightly annoying. Sherry can find the Beverly Hills bandits and find out why they take a key from each celebrity’s house they rob, right? Even if it does mean infiltrating the bandits’ group…

My Thoughts: My sister read this series before so I decided to try it. This book happens to be the newest one in the series, but you can read them out-of-order. I liked Leah’s character but I saw how she could sort of get on your nerves. Junie and Sherry were really funny and good characters, and I’m glad they solved the mystery because the detectives were kind of clueless. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the other books in the series. I give this book five out of five stars.


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