Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes-A Book Review

27 Nov

Kate, Olivia, and Georgia are really looking forward to Valentine’s day this year. Kate is sure her crush is going to finally talk to her, Olivia just wants to stare at her crush all day, and Georgia, well no one knows about her crush yet…But when a terrible blizzard causes a snow day, the girls have been looking forward to seems ruined. Most of the people have canceled reservations for eating at Georgia’s family’s restaurant, none of the girls will be able to do what they want to, they are stuck in their apartment buildings all day, and their friendship seems to be slowly drifting. Wait! Maybe this is just what the girls need, they can pass out fortune cookies from Georgia’s family’s restaurant to people all over their building. They can meet new people and maybe their apartment building will be like how it was before, but is it enough to keep their friendship strong?

My Thoughts: I started reading Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes after I read My Life in Pink and Green (recommended by my sister) which is also by Lisa Greenwald. I really liked reading this story and thought it would be fun to review because it’s snowing where I live. I thought the story was sort of slow at some points (even though a lot happened, some points I thought were dragged on,) but it was interesting to read from the different characters’ views. I thought a lot happened over the course of one day, but I may just be assuming that passing out the cookies took longer than the story implied;) When Olivia blurted out Georgia’s secret I was screaming in my head, why did you have to do that?! So I was glad when they made up. I felt bad for Kate because when she finally got what she wanted it was a huge let down, but she did jump back very quickly. I thought the end of the story was really cute. I give this book four out of five stars.

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