Reel Life Starring Us-A Book Review

30 Nov

Meet Dina, the new girl. The one who has to move to a new town, start school a month late, and has no friends. Dina is considered “weird” just because she likes to film people around school. She couldn’t be more surprised at how different Rockwell middle school is from her old school. No one would ever put crushed up potato chips in your backpack or post a video of you tripping in the hallway there.

And Chelsea, the popular girl, the one everyone thinks has the perfect life-like her friends Kendall and Molly, but she doesn’t. Her dad has lost his job, and she has missed the first month of school because of mono, and her friends want her to like someone she doesn’t even know if she likes as a friend.

When these two girls are paired up to create a video for the town’s fiftieth anniversary an unlikely friendship begins to bloom, or not… One second Chelsea thinks she likes Dina and the next she doesn’t. Her friends Molly and Kendall thinks she’s weird but Chelsea likes her boldness, sort of. And Dina can’t believe her luck! She got paired up with the most popular girl in school, she’s determined to become popular like she was in her old school, but then she finds out Chelsea’s big secret….

My Thoughts: This was another book by Lisa Greenwald that was fantastic! I read it on my sister’s kindle yesterday. It was really good too:) I always really like Lisa Greenwald’s covers, this one was really cool, (there’s a picture of the other girl but I can not find it, sorry;)) I felt bad for Dina in the beginning of the book and I thought Chelsea could have treated her better, but I guess it was hard for her with all that was going on. I was so happy for her when her dad got a new job, though! Molly and Kendall were awful and funny at the same time. It was really interesting to read about the girls trying to find Sasha. I thought the plot of the book got better and better as the story progressed, I give this book four out of five stars.

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Oh yeah, by the way, tomorrow I will be changing the background or maybe header of my blog, so sorry if it keeps changing or messing up:)

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