Easy To Make Snowflakes and Gingerbread People!-A Craft

15 Dec


You will need-A blank sheet of white paper, and scissors


Fold the piece of paper in half


Now fold it again into fours. Then fold the small rectangle in half.


Now cut random shapes around the edges.


Unfold and you have your snowflake!


Just remember no two snowflakes are alike:)

Gingerbread People-

You will need: an eighteen inch long and a five or six inch tall (it doesn’t really matter) piece of paper, scissors, crayons or colored pencils,a pencil, and a tracer (optional.)

Fold the paper in half and then fold it in half again so it is divided into four squares/rectangles. Now either use a gingerbread man tracer or draw your own gingerbread man using a pencil on one square of the paper. Make sure that the feet and arms touch the fold. Now fold all the squares back so it appears to be only one, now cut all the squares so they look like a gingerbread man, DO NOT cut where the folds are because that is what keeps the gingerbread people together.


Unfold the gingerbread people so they look like the picture above. Flip them over so the pencil marks don’t show.


Now color!

IMG_1592Then you have your adorable craft!


Together the crafts create a winter wonderland:)

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