The Sisters Grimm, The Fairy Tale Detectives-A Book Review

17 Dec

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm have been in and out of crazy foster homes for almost a year and a half ever since their parents mysteriously disappeared leaving only a mysterious blood-red hand print as a clue. So, it is kind of weird when a woman claiming to be your grandmother applies to be a foster parent, after your father had already told you that she was deceased. When the girls arrive they meet their grandmother Relda and the mysterious Mr. Canis. The town of Ferryport landing isn’t all that you think it is though, the girls soon find out that they are descendents of the brothers Grimm and that the town of Ferryport landing is full of fairy tale characters, yep, those fairy tales really happened! But not everyone likes these Grimms, the only way for them to leave the town is if all the Grimms die out, and some people seem like they are willing to make sure that happens…

My Thoughts: I recently discovered this series and quickly read this one enjoying every bit of it, (even though I accidentally read the eighth book first and it gave parts away…) I really didn’t like Sabrina’s character at all in the beginning, I mean she was assuming everyone was crazy or bad, but she was easier to read about in the ending of the book. Daphne is so cute and funny with her rambunctious ways:) Puck was so annoying you just had to love him, his character also brought much-needed comedy to more suspenseful scenes. I really liked to hear about all the different jobs and businesses that the fairy-tale characters have. I kind of expected that  Jack was bad news but I never expected him to be the one behind the whole giant scheme! Prince/Mayor Charming pretended to not like the Grimms, but you can sort of tell that he has a soft spot for them. Mr. Canis is so mysterious and interesting and sometimes a little creepy but he was so quick to protect the Grimms that you could tell he was really caring, too. I give this five out of five stars for an amazing, suspenseful, funny, mystery!

Now on to reading all seven other books, (eight if you include the guide:) )

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