American Girl Release

1 Jan

Today I went to the American Girl Store for the New Year’s day release, (it’s my sister, mom, and I’s tradition:) ) Here are my thoughts on some of the new stuff…

Girl of the Year: Saige’s collection:

Saige doll and meet outfit, I really like Saige’s hair and boots, but I feel like she is a combination of past dolls. The belt is really colorful and pretty, though.

Saige’s Pajamas, these are really cute, I have to say. The slippers look really fuzzy and soft. I also like the pattern on the shorts.

Saige’s parade outfit, this isn’t one of my favorites but I always like an adorable pair of boots. A pair of jeans is always nice too, and I like the color of the shirt, but again, it isn’t one of my favorites.

Saige’s Sparkle Dress, I bought this dress today and it looks great on my doll Payton! This is my favorite outfit of Saige’s collection:) The color looks really good on almost any doll, but it looks beautiful on a doll with dark hair. The gold boots are so awesome!

Saige’s Sweater Outfit, this is the outfit my sister got today. I really like the lacy top and jeggings:) The shoes are cute, but they aren’t my favorite pair of sandals. I really like the sweater and it’s really soft. I like the way it folds on the sides. I’m not really sure that someone would wear a sweater like that, though. Altogether the out fit is really pretty.

Saige’s paint set, this set is really cute! My sister has American Girl’s older easel and this one does look like it has better quality. The paintings are really nice and the supplies look really cute.

Saige’s Hot Air Balloon Set, when you see this in person the balloon is really, really big. It’s cool and the color at the bottom looks nice and the bottom has a door that swings open, but I’m not sure what you would really do with the balloon. It has some cute accessories, but I’m not sure if I would want them or not.

My American Girl New Releases:

I Love Pets Pajamas, these are cute but I feel like they are kind of a repeat of the Coconut Pajamas they have. The slippers are cute, but I wouldn’t get it, but maybe that is just my taste.

Fun and Games Table and Lounge Chair, I really like the pattern of this chair! I hope to get it later in the year. To me the pillows are sort of small, though. The little checkers game and food is so adorable!

Bitty Twins and Bitty Baby new releases:

Blossom Outfit, the sweater in this outfit is really adorable and I want it for myself:) The pattern on the shirt is cute and I like the shoes, but I’m not sure about the skirt. 

Coral Cute Outfit, ADORABLE!

Beachcomber outfit, this is another cute Bitty Twins outfit and I would probably  get it if I had a boy doll.


Sorry, I forgot to link these, but you can go to the American Girl website here.


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