I So Don’t Do Makeup-A Book Review

6 Jan

Sherlock (Sherry) Baldwin is hosting a sleepover!!! But when she and her friends wake up the next morning with awful skin damage, she knows something is up…apparently someone is trying to sabotage the makeup kiosk at the mall by putting dangerous things in the makeup and creams! Since Sherry has solved some mysteries in the past with her ghost mother, (yes, her mother is a ghost) she is determined to solve this one. Sadly, there is a problem is Sherry’s plan, ever since she and her mom solved a mystery in San Francisco her mom’s ghost academy has been getting lots of good attention in the ghost world and might make an ally with a foreign academy, but her mom can’t do anything to mess it up, including helping Sherry with the mystery. But Sherry still has lots of help from her grandfather (who is a wren, he chose to be an animal instead of a ghost after he died), her best friend Junie, and even annoying Nick…but who is sabotaging the kiosk, the weird Will who dresses up as a pepper everyday for his inconveniently placed kiosk?The Janes, a group of girls at school who only care about getting good grades? Or someone Sherry doesn’t even know about?

My Thoughts: The I so Don’t do… series always has good, funny mysteries and this one was just that! I do wish that Sherry’s mom was in the book more as she is in the other ones, I also wish her dad was in the story more instead of Sherry just referring to him throughout the book, but Sherry’s step mom was in lots of parts which I like because in a lot of books the parents are never actually there. I never suspect who Barrie Summy chooses to be the culprit, (unless, of course I look at the end:)) and she adds great suspense, and surprises, (especially when Sherry gets locked in a dumpster.) Oh yeah, can I say that Junie is a really nice supporting character, she always is there to help Sherry when she needs it most, ad that is always a good trait in a character. I give this book four out of five stars for being an overall enjoyable story:)

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