The Sisters Grimm, The Everafter War-A Book Review

16 Jan

Almost three years ago Daphne and Sabrina Grimm’s parents were kidnapped and put under a magical sleeping spell by an evil organization called the Scarlet Hand. After dodging mean foster parents for two years they now live with their Grandma Relda and Uncle Jake in a town called Ferryport Landing. Oh yeah, by the way, that town is full of magical fairytale characters, yep those fairy tales really happened! And some of those fairytale characters are part of the Scarlet Hand (the same group that kidnapped their parents), and will do anything to kill them. But enough about that for now…

The only way to wake up their parents is a kiss, (ring any bells?) right? So here she is…Golidlocks! The sisters Grimm’s father’s former lover, (who happens to still be in love with him.) Once their parents wake up the family thinks that everything will be happily ever after!

Not so much…the Scarlet Hand is taking over the town, (with the help of deadly dragons), Prince Charming’s Everafter army (that is trying to save the town) is getting smaller by the minute, Uncle Jake’s world is turned upside down by a tragic accident, and the Grimms are about to discover one of the most shocking secrets in fairy tale history!

My Thoughts: As many of you know, I love the Sisters Grimm books!! I recently finished the series and am a little behind on reviews, but this was one of my favorite books in the series. (Spoiler!) Briar Rose’s death must have been one of the saddest in the whole series! It made me so sad because she was one of my favorite characters:( Daphne is still really adorable even in the mist of all the chaos:) Sabrina was a really good character in this book and I enjoyed reading about her. I was mad at Sabrina’s father but I understood why he wanted his family to leave the town as soon as possible. When you find out who the Master is it is so shocking!!!! (Well it would be, but I accidentally read the eighth book first:)) Overall this was an awesome book and I give it five out of five stars!


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