The Red Blazer Girls, The Ring Of Rocamadour

23 Jan

Summary! (That’s kind of long…) If one day your best friend Sophie screamed during english class while reading Great Expectations because she saw something in the window, would you sneak out of school and go to church to investigate what she saw? Sophie, Rebecca and Margaret did. And if you saw a mysterious door in the basement of a church, would you pick it? Sophie, Rebecca, and Margaret did that too. Would you go into the mysterious house of the mysterious old lady (who might be crazy) that mysteriously connects to the church? Yep, they did that too. In this mysterious old house they meet the not-so-crazy/mysterious (although her fashion choices are) old lady named Elizabeth Harriman. Oh, and of course there’s a mystery to be solved!!! Just a few days before Elizabeth had found a note from her late father to her grown-up daughter. The note was supposed to be given to Caroline on her twelve birthday, but Mr. Harriman passed away the day before. So now Elizabeth wants Rebecca, Sophie, and Margaret to solve a slew of puzzles to find the amazing present Mr. Harriman left his grand-daughter, (I’m guessing from the title you can guess what it is.) Along with the girls’ friend Leigh Ann, they become the Red Blazer Girls, (because of their school uniforms…which have red blazers.) But these girls’ first case may not go as smooth as they would hope. Scary deacons, half-blind security guards, accusing priests, spying housekeepers, detention-giving nuns, an ex-husband who may or may not be evil, and a slew of confusing puzzles and clues (and next time don’t complain about having to read a really long book in english class, you never know when it will help you solve a mystery) cause this case to be Confusing with a capital C!

My Thoughts: This is an AWESOME book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like mysteries, (please just forget about how I like to look at the end:)) My sister loves them too and recommended this series to me, (thanks Bella!!!!) It has strong characters, a great plot, and an awesome cover!! I personally love the title and the fact that the book is interactive. It actually taught me some algebra!!! (Though I’m not one hundred percent sure I did the puzzles right…but still!) I love all of the Red Blazer girls, so I just can’t pick a favorite: Rebecca is funny and bold, Margaret is smart and resourceful, Leigh Ann is caring and sweet, and Sophie is just awesome!! Ms. Harriman is really funny and nice, and you just want to hug her. Malcolm isn’t to bad himself and is full of surprises:) It made me so happy when they helped out Rebecca so that she would not have to move! I’m glad that the author lets you meet Caroline because you really just want to see if her family will make up. I’m not going to talk about who did it because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s super surprising!! Mr. Eliot was a really good character and he was important which I thought was nice because in most books there is a lot of adult absence. I give this book five out of five stars for being overly-amazing!

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