What Winter Animal Are You?-A Quiz

23 Jan

Are you a polar bear, a penguin, or a seal?

1. Your favorite holiday gift was…

A) a new, shiny bike!

B) Tickets to your favorite singer’s concert!

C) A laptop in your favorite color!

2. Your favorite thing to add to hot cocoa is…

A) a peppermint stick, it adds flavor!

B) marshmallows, a huge mountain of them!

C) graham crackers, perfect for dipping!

3. It’s a snow day! You can’t wait to go…

A) Snowboard, it’s a great time to try out those new moves you just learned!

B) Sled, maybe you can call some friends over!

C) Build a Snowman, this is going to be the tallest one yet!

Mostly As, you are a fast and fun seal!

Cute baby penguins, Animals, penguins, snow

Mostly Bs, you are a fluffy and funny penguin!

Mostly Cs, you are a sweet and cuddly polar bear! (How cute is that picture!?)

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