The Red Blazer Girls, The Vanishing Violin-A Book Review

26 Jan

Hey! Today I’m doing a review of the second Red Blazer Girls book. To read my review of the first one click here.

Summary: It’s official! The Red Blazer Girls now have their own (mini) detective agency! After solving the case of The Ring of Rocamadour they have a new case…Someone has been breaking into their school at night and cleaning it! I know, not much of a mystery, but Leigh Ann, Sophie, Margaret, and Rebecca have two more cases on their hands! Someone has robbed a valuable violin from their friend’s shop!! Also, when Margaret went to the same violin shop she was delivered a letter along with a puzzle that might lead her to another violin…that also might be stolen…well never mind! But can the Red Blazer Girls find out who really stole the violin, and stop false accusations at their friend Ben? Will this slew of puzzles will lead the Red Blazer Girls to two (or one!) amazing violins? And why is a door in the school basement boarded up? Join the Red Blazer Girls on their next case to find out:)

My Thoughts: I really liked the first Red Blazer Girls book and this one was no different. It had an interesting mystery and plot and kept you guessing the whole time! I again really like the cover:) Leigh Ann and Margaret had bigger roles in this book, but I wish you got to see more of Rebecca, (who is really funny:)) I thought that the author did a great drop with adding suspense to the story and making you not want to put the book down. Again, I love that there are interactive puzzles, I was actually able to figure out the code in this book! At the end of the story when you find out where Margaret’s violin came from, you are really sad, (but the writing is really good!) I give this book four and a half stars out of five:)

Have a great night! (I hope you guys liked my last quiz, any suggestions for my next one?)

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