The Never Girls, In A Blink and The Space Between-Two Books Mashed Into One Awesome Review!

30 Jan

In A Blink-

When Lainey, Kate, Mia, and Gabby were playing in Mia’s backyard they suddenly saw flamingos! Yep, a whole big, hot pink flock of them right above her house! Then they started to feel a sea breeze, except there is no ocean near them…at all! And then they heard a faint tinkling noise, almost like a laugh. And lastly, Gabby said she saw a fairy, (I mean this is no big deal, she loves them) but she swears that she saw one!  So if you feel a sea breeze when there is no sea, hear a mysterious distant laugh, claim to see a fairy, and see a mysterious flock of flamingos flying over your house, you kind of expect something is up, right? But would you expect to be whisked off to Neverland? The place where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys play, where mermaids swim wherever they want, where you never grow up, where fairies fly around and change the seasons, and where children rarely find themselves?

The Space between-

Lainey, Kate, Mia, and Gabby have made friends with the fairies in Neverland…Lainey rides animals with Fawn, they’ve gotten to fly, and have even slept in a willow tree! So it is completely unfair to have to leave, right? But magic mysteriously seems attracted to them! Lainey could have sworn she had saw one of the fairies’ dairy mice in her kitchen and fairies start to find themselves falling into the girls’ world. Is there something wrong? Could there be a gap between Neverland and the real world?

My Thoughts: These books are so adorable, way too adorable to resist! The covers are cute and sparkly! (Don’t you think the colors go together nicely?) The girls are really awesome and seem like great friends, (though Mia is a little over protective of Gabby, but I don’t blame her.) My favorite character is Gabby with her purple tutu and sparkly fairy wings:) She is so cute and I really just want to hug her:) My favorite chapter was the one when the girls got to fly because it was interesting and funny, but the one when the girls first meet Tink is pretty good too. (Her little grudge against them is pretty funny:)) It has an interesting plot, but I wish that there was a little more detail. I give this book four out of five stars for a cute, funny read, with minor flaws.

Good Night, faithful readers!


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