The Red Blazer Girls,The Mistaken Masterpiece-A Book Review

31 Jan

To read my review of the first two books in the series click here and here.

Ever since RBGDA (The Red Blazer Girls Detective Agency A.K.A Leigh Ann, Sophie, Margaret, and Becca) solved the mystery of the Ring of Rocamadour and The Vanishing Violin, they have been anxiously awaiting a new case. And of course one finds them…on the way to Becca’s art class they stop in a gallery and meet the mysterious painter Gus, who seems to live in the gallery and never leaves. He seems terrified of something…but what? And then there is this whole thing about a painting…the R.B.G’s old friend Father Julien has a painting that could be worth a lot of money…except for the fact that it is a fake. The Red Blazer Girls are going to find the real painting, even if it means dealing with sneaky gallery owners.

Oh yeah, then there is this whole deal with a movie star. Sophie, Leigh Ann, and Becca’s (Margaret just thinks the whole thing is silly) favorite actor is filming a movie in the park. And the girls get to spend the whole day on set since the actor loved Sophie’s dad’s food! It’s a dream come true, and Sophie even gets to watch her favorite actor’s dog! But he keeps trying to put off taking the pet back, and it keeps acting really weirdly! What could Sophie possibly have done wrong? Join the Red Blazer Girls in this fun and artsy mystery!

My Thoughts: I love the Red Blazer Girls books so much! This wasn’t my favorite mystery, but the puzzles with the pictures are really fun! Sophie has a really interesting point of view to read from. The girls are really fun and clever characters and I thought that Livvey really grew  after she got stuck in an elevator with Sophie. I thought with all the paintings going around the mystery was slightly confusing, but it was still really interesting. The story was fast paced and awesome! I definitely recommend trying it! I give this book four out of five stars! Enjoy!


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