Cordially Uninvited-A Book Review

4 Feb

Cordially Uninvited by Jennifer Roy

It’s every little girl’s dream to be a princess, right? Well 11-year old Claire’s cousin, Belle is getting married to the prince of England! And, even better, Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid, which means that Claire gets to go to the Royal Wedding, and eat dinner at Buckingham Palace! Claire goes to England with one very important mission, making sure the prince is good enough for her cousin. But being related to the future princess comes with it’s problems…first of all Claire couldn’t tell anyone it was happening (except her best friend, Evie, of course), the other junior bridesmaid Pandora seems to want to ruin the wedding for her cousin, and the paparazzi keeps following her and her cousin around! And of course it comes with some perks too, Claire is getting used to being pampered and private tours of London! She’s even made some new friends, (Thalia and Callum) and then there is this whole deal with a boy named Tristin…but can Claire make sure the wedding goes as planned without ruining anything for Belle?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed Jennifer Roy and Julia Deviller’s Trading Faces series so I hoped that this book would be just as good. The plot is cute, and the idea of going to a Royal Wedding sounds really cool! Parts of the story weren’t very well written, but others were really interesting. Claire’s character was believable, but there wasn’t much detail to her, I thought this was the case with many of the characters also. Thalia and Belle were my favorite characters because they were really nice ad supporting. I wish that the author waited till the end of the story to tell the reader that Daphne and Gus were police/secret agent people, (I don’t really know) because it would have been more surprising. I wish Callum was in the story more than just coming in when his character was needed. Tristin’s character was funny and nice, but again I wish that there was more detail. Pandora and her aunt Cornelia weren’t really your normal villains, but they were entertaining nonetheless. I thought that this was a cute overall okay read and I give it three and a half stars out of five:)

P.S. Don’t you like the cover?

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