Mimi’s Superbowl Adventure #2!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Feb

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How cute is this clip art? I don’t really watch football, but I’m posting this while watching it right now…and this girl was too cute not to use! Anyways today Mimi went to the Superbowl, (in this case The Supreme bowl,  because I thought it sounded cooler that way!)


Hi Guys! It’s Mimi! I will be telling the story today because Lulu doesn’t feel that good…So I went to the supreme bowl with my buddy Juliet! It was really crowded! Can you see me in the bleachers?


“Hello! We are your top news reporters Minnie and Minnie! Today we are reporting live form the Supreme Bowl! The teams competing are the Oreo Puppies and The Heroic Unicorns! It’s a great day and the stadium is packed! Who will win? Who will go home with that shiny trophy? Well, stay tuned because the game will be starting in just two minutes!”


“Mimi? I thought you had a grudge against football? What are we doing here?” “Well, Juliet, Oreo is one of my best friends and I came to cheer her on…and I like wearing scarves! Shhh…The game’s starting!”


(Minnie speaking) “Alright everyone, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for! The game is about to start!” (Me speaking) The teams faced each other with solid faces showing no emotion, (just kidding! They were smiling and shaking hands, but my way sounds super cool, right?)


“I’m hungry, how about you Mimi?” “Yeah, I am too, I’ll go grab us some popcorn and hot cocoa.”


The whistle was about to blow that really irritating ear-piercing sound, when it was delayed…by what, you may ask? A super fashionable, adorable kitten named…well you know, obviously it was me!


“Are you like some type of ref?” Herald the Unicorn, captain of the heroic Unicorns asked. (obviously I’m not, black and white stripes totally clash with my fur!)

IMG_1884So I went to get my yummy chocolate drizzled kettle corn and  hot chocolate with huge marshmallows! And then I decided to take a short cut through that really big field with sweaty animals and huge numbers all across it…which apparently is bad to do! (I know right?!!)


“We’re back and it looks like that cat is too! She is currently using some of our favorite players as foot stools? We’ll be back with more of this story very soon.”


Alright, I know what it looks like, but, um, umm….let me explain! Since the game was in full swing, I thought that I could just sneak in the back and no one would notice! But then, my kettle corn started to blow away and I ran to get it! And, well, you can see what happened after that!


“Oh, Mimi!” See, there’s Juliet…all worried about her best bud! Or about me embarrassing her, I’m not exactly sure which…


And then, I found myself, stuck in the bottom of a pig pile of unicorns and puppies! I know what you are all thinking, Am I okay? Who will win? How did I get here? Why is this called the Supreme/Super bowl if there is no bowl? Will Mimi ever answer these questions? Is Mimi a mind reader? What is with all the suspense? Why can’t Mimi answer these questions already? What happened to Mimi’s kettle corn? Is this really what we are thinking? Well, I’m sorry, but right now it is time for the halftime show!

After the half time show…

Now where was I, oh yes, WHEN WILL I FINALLY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, (and yes I did mean to write that in all caps!)


“I’m okay guys!, I’m really okay!”


“Ooh, look a ball! Wait, run? Run? Okay, okay, don’t be so pushy. I’m running! Over there, near that thing that looks like a giant fork?”


“Wait? The cat won!”



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