Triple Trouble!-A Book Review

10 Feb

Triple Trouble by Jennifer Roy and Julia Devillers

Identical twins Payton and Emma are always asked silly twin questions like, do you have a secret language? Can you read each others minds? If one of you gets hurt, does the other twin feel it? Then after getting asked these questions no one even bothers to remember who is who! But when triplets Oliver, Dexter, and Asher move to their school, everything starts to get creepy! The triplets all dress exactly the same, have the same big ego, and have the same annoying personality, you can’t even tell them apart…at all! I mean, really, Emma and Payton may look-alike, but they’re different people. The triplets do bring some good news, apparently there’s a festival called the Multipalooza where twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. go and play games and win prizes! It would make a great story for the school’s news broadcast, (that Payton could report on) and the twins would get a chance to beat the triplets at a twins vs. triplets competition, (of course along with the help of the nine-year old twins Emma baby-sits.) Oh yeah, they also have a history of accidentally (and on purposely) switching places…

My Thoughts: I love all of Payton and Emma’s funny adventures, and this one was an excellent addition to the series! I really like the cover, (but I can’t figure out who is who on this one) because it’s so bright and colorful! I like reading form the different point of views, but sometimes the chapters are so quick I forget who I’m reading about. Tess and Quinn are  really nice supporting characters, and I was sad that there wasn’t more of them in this book. Nick and Ox are also good supporting characters that I was glad were focused on a little more. Sydney was just as annoying as she was in all the other books, and she just had to find a way to come to the Multipalooza also, but she’s still really funny. One of my favorite characters is Cashmere, just because she’s so energetic, (but sort of annoying) and I was glad she got to end up being the lead singer. Payton and Emma are really awesome main characters and I like reading all their funny situations. This was a shorter book in the series, but it was still fast paced and good and I give it four out of five stars.

Have a good rest of your weekend everybody!


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