Mimi’s Valentines Day Mix-Up-A Photo Story

14 Feb

Today Mimi is bringing her Valentines to school for her class, this photo story features her brother from the Aristocats movie!


Today at school Mimi is having a Valentines Day Party!


Do you like her Valentines? She spent all weekend working on adding the lace and getting the glitter and colors just right!


“Mimi time to go! The bus will be here any minute!” “Okay Mom! Just one second!” So off Mimi went to get her festive and stylish valentines day tot bag!


“Hey! Berlioz! I was here first!” “Stop pushing!” “Ugg!” And as you can see Berlioz and Mimi got into a sibling fight.


After a while of arguing and pushing Mimi and Berlioz were able to get their stuff. “I’m going this way!” “Well, I’m going this way!” “Yeah!” “Finally!” Mimi muttered under her breath when Berlioz was finally gone.


At school, Mimi couldn’t wait to show Juliet her amazing Valentines. “Hey Mimi! I like your ribbon, very festive! Want to see my valentines?” “Sure! I bet they’re going to be awesome!”


“Juliet! They’re so pretty! I hope I get a pop-up heart!” “Thanks Mimi, but I bet yours will be the fanciest in the class! Now come on! I can’t wait to see yours!”


“Okay! But just look inside my bag because I want them to be a surprise!”


“Um…interesting choice. Going a little different this year I see. Um…Mimi, if you want the truth, I think they’re hideous!”


“What? Did they get smushed while I was on the bus!? Are they somehow ugly and messy and ugly!? They were perfect! What happened?”


“Um…They transformed into dinosaurs?” “Oh, I know what happened! This morning when me and Berlioz were fighting our valentines must have gotten mixed up! Oh no! What am I going to do!?”


“They were so pretty! Why, why did this have to happen to me?! I mean it’s like my seventh favorite holiday!”


“Hey guys, what’s happening?” Ruby asked while Mimi sat complaining and worrying. “DINOSAURS!” Mimi sobbed. “What did I do?” Ruby wondered. Juliet quickly told her the story.


“Wait! I have an idea! Meet me here at indoor recess!”


At indoor recess…”Alright, scissors.” “Scissors.” “Tape!” “Tape.” “Lace” “Sorry Mimi we’re out of lace.” “Oh, okay then, we’re done!”


And then the friends fell in a heap.


“Can you tell the difference?” “No! It looks great!”


Now it was time to exchange valentines. “Ooh! This is so pretty!” “I love this one!”


Meanwhile in Berlioz’s class…”What?!” “Dude! I thought you said they were dinosaurs!”


Happy Valentines Day!

And now just a quick shout out to Sophie and Jess for voting for my sisters photo in the American Girl Fan Photo Contest! You guys are awesome!

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  1. Sophie February 17, 2013 at 3:04 pm #

    Please enter my contest on my blog!

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