American Girl Doll Release and Boden Warehouse Sale!

17 Feb

WordPress was acting wacky for a second, and this post published before I was ready! So sorry! :(

My American Girl Doll Outfits-

Easy Breezy Outfit

This is really cute! I can just imagine it on my dolls Cece or Payton! The turquoise/emerald-green colors are really pretty and look good on almost any doll! I definitely like the patchwork top and the shorts are really cute:) American Girl hasn’t had that many cute pants or shorts lately so this was a great surprise:)

Sweet Spring Dress

This is pretty. The pink color is really pretty and looks good on dolls with blue eyes, but I really don’t like the color of the dress and the fact that it shimmers. The shoes are cute, but from experience those kind aren’t the easiest to get on your doll’s feet. The clip is nice since we haven’t seen one in a while, but this dress isn’t one of my favorites. It another pretty dress that wasn’t very memorable.

Plaid Party Dress

I LOVE this dress!!!!!!!! As many of you know, purple is one of my favorite colors and I was so happy to see that AG had come out with this! The dress has lots of cute details including the deep plum purple lining, the ruffle, and the buttons at the bottom. The belt is a nice touch and I absolutely love the shoes! Navy is very big right now, and the shoes are just plain adorable!

Lots of Dots Bath Rap

This has a really cute pattern and I love the color palette! The slippers look really soft, but I’m not sure they would stay on easily. I don’t like the headband that much, and I overall think this outfit was just okay.

Cycling Outfit

This is adorable! It’s very realistic, and it seems super cute and comfy! The colors go together really nicely and the sneakers are really cute!

Bitty Twins and Bitty Baby Outfits-

Fresh Picked Sun dress and Sunny Fun Outfit

These are so CUTE!!!!!! The pattern on the dress is so cute and I love the color combination of sunshine yellow, hot pink, and aqua! The fruit pattern is really cute and the sandals are so cute, I will definitely be getting it. The sunny Fun outfit is not as cute, but the color is happy and uplifting!

Lemonade Stand

I LOVE this! The piggy bank is so cute:) I can’t really describe it as anything else besides adorable!

Little Lady Dress

This reminds me of the Sweet spring Dress except I like it a lot better! The shoes are simple, but cute, and the hat is adorable:) The dress isn’t my favorite, but it would be good for the holidays! My sister just joked she’ll probably end up calling it the Little Ladybug Dress!

ocean Blossoms Swim Set

This is so adorable!!!! Again AG used the turquoise color in a great way! I love the ruffles and patterns:) The hat really tops it all off…It’s really Summery and I think it’s awesomely cute!

Basics Outfit

I think the title says it all for this outfit. It’s simple with soft colors but it’s not very fun.

Historical Doll Outfits-

Caroline’s Work Dress

I LOVE this so much! I have no idea what I would do with it, but I love the boots and colors!

(All these pictures are American Girl’s)


So yesterday my mom, sister, and I went to the boden warehouse sale! Here’s some of the adorable stuff I got!



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