Mimi’s Lemonade Stand-A Photo Story!

19 Feb

Today Mimi is going to bring some springy cheer by having a lemonade stand! Enjoy!


“I’m so glad you could come over Lavender! You’re going to love this lemonade, it’s homemade!” “I bet it will be great!”


“This lemonade is so good!”


“I know!”


“Hey! We should make a lemonade stand!” “That’s a great idea! Then we can have all the lemonade!” (Mimi really likes this lemonade!)


The friends started to make a plan. “This is going to be awesome!”


First, Mimi set to work making more lemonade, and finding cups. “Ugg! Where in the world is the sugar?! Oh wait! Never mind, it’s right here!”


While Lavender tried to get the stand outside. “Alright!” (Dives toward stand!) “Oww! This is harder than it looks!”


“Ehhhh! Oh, this is impossible!”


“I think I got it! Finally!”


Then, Lavender was finally able to set up the friends’ stand! “Where’s Mimi? She did have the easier job!”


“Hey Lavender! Why are you all sweaty? You did know there was a sled to put everything on, right?” (Lavender sighs) “No, I didn’t.”


“Alright, so now what do we do?” ” I think we’re supposed to wait for customers.” (10 seconds later) “I’m really bored! Do you think we should just go inside?” “We’ve only been out here for about a minute!”


“Ooh! Our first customer!” Mimi was very excited! Her fur was standing up straight, and her eyes lighted up! “Hi, how may we help you?” “I’ll have some delicious fresh lemonade please!” Lucky the ladybug couldn’t wait to try some of her friend’s sweet lemonade:)


“Lavender! I can hear the 25$ just clanking away!” “Mimi! We only charge 25 cents!” “Oh…Then I can hear that 25 cents just clanking away!”


Their next customer was Daisy Lou the lamb. “Hi Lavender! Hi Mimi! I can’t wait to try some of your lemonade!”


By the time the friends were out of lemonade, they were exhausted, but satisfied. “We made a lot of money today!” “I know, what do you want to buy?” “Ooh! I have the perfect thing! I’ve been staring at it in the shop window for weeks! You’re going to love it!”


“A mini statue of me!”


Bye for now!

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